Mass Kidnapping of 11 in Mexico

On Thursday morning, family members of the missing marched from the Interior Department building to the city’s main square, known as Zocalo, to urge authorities to find their loved ones. The group of concerned family members also protested outside Bicentenario Restaurante-Bar, the bar where the kidnapping purportedly took place. They demanded to view the bar's surveillance video.

Rodolfo Rios (Mexico City's chief prosecutor) said investigators had been able to gather much information on the disappearances. Closure stickers were slapped on the front doors of the bar yesterday – with a note on them stating that the city's anti-kidnapping unit was examining abductions at the site.

Isabel Fonseca, whose street vendor brother Eulogio Fonseca is among those who went missing this past weekend, said a man who escaped told her that masked men in several white SUVs snatched the group away.

“We want them alive,” she said. “They went out to have fun; they are not criminals.”

Our thoughts are with the kidnapping victim's families - we hope they are found safe adn sound soon.