Mass Kidnapping of 11 in Mexico

Eleven people were kidnapped in broad daylight from a bar in Mexico City, relatives said on Thursday.

Fox News Latino reports that the mass abduction purportedly happened sometime between 10 a.m. and noon this past Sunday morning, in the city’s usually calm Zona Rosa.

Josefina Garcia, mother of missing 19-year-old Said Sanchez Garcia, wants to know how so many people could have disappeared “just like that, in broad daylight?”

“The police say they don't have them, so what, the earth just opened up and swallowed them?” the anguished mother said, adding that her son was not involved in any criminal activity, and sold beauty products at a market stall.

According to FNL, Mexico City prosecutors said they had received 11 missing-person reports; the missing group includes six men (most in their 20s), a 16-year-old boy, and four women.