Did Tim Tebow Kill Mark Sanchez's Career?

Mark Sanchez probably thought he was in the clear after the New York Jets passed on signing Peyton Manning. So imagine everyone's surprise when word started to spread that quarterback Tim Tebow might be joining the team. A few sports analysts wrote it off as a publicity stunt until it became a reality Wednesday night. Now everyone is sharing their opinion -- not all of it positive -- and wondering what will happen with Mark Sanchez.

Some fans are thrilled. Tebow's a great quarterback and a leader, so having him on the roster can only help the team. Plus, with Sanchez's poor performance this last season, many think he could use an ego check.

Others are confused at best and concerned at worst. If Tebow becomes the Jets' golden child, is Sanchez's career with the Jets over? They don't seem to know what to do with him and bringing in a new quarterback can't possibly make Sanchez feel supported.

The concern is not just for Sanchez's future but for the future of the Jets as a whole. WFAN's Mike Francesa referred to the Jets as a "three-ring circus" and ESPN Radio's Stephen A. Smith had similar thoughts, calling them a "sideshow." Circus and freak terminology is not what you want associated with your franchise.

Joe Namath probably said it best when asked for his take on the situation:

"I don't think they know what they're doing over there right now. They give Sanchez a new contract, they pat him on the back and then they bring in two more quarterbacks."

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