8 Marijuana Laws Throughout Latin America

A recent Gallup poll revealed that for the first time, Americans are in suppport of legalizing marijuana in the United States. Over the past several years, countries throughout Latin America have passed laws in favor of the cannabis plant. Take a look:

1. marijuana laws slide 01 peru


In Peru, people are allowed to have up to 8 grams of marijuana in their possession, as long as it is the only drug they are found carrying.

2. marijuana laws slide 02 Uruguay


Uruguay was the first country in the world to license and enforce rules for the production, distribution and sale of marijuana to adult consumers. The country’s drug czar recently announced that in the second half of 2014, marijuana would begin to be sold at $1 per gram.

3. marijuana laws slide 03 Argentina


The private use of marijuana in small amounts is legal in Argentina after the country’s Supreme Court ruled that it would be unconstitutional to ban it.

4. marijuana laws slide 04 Mexico


In 2009, Mexico passed a law decriminalizing the possession of small amounts of marijuana.

5. marijuana laws slide 05 Colombia


The country’s Constitutional Court ruled in 2012 to decriminalize the possession of small amounts of marijuana for personal use. Under this measure, anyone caught with less than 20 grams of marijuana will not be prosecuted or detained.

6. marijuana laws slide 06 Paraguay


A person can be found with up to 10 grams of marijuana in their possession, without being punished, unless a court figures out that the person is addicted to drugs.

7. marijuana laws slide 07 Brazil


In 2006, Brazil decriminalized the possession of marijuana for personal use.

8. marijuana laws slide 08 Chile


Chile allows people to use marijuana as long as it is in small quantities, on private property and without additional parties.