Marco Rubio: Could His Next Speech Snag Him the VP Slot?

Republican Senator Marco Rubio will be discussing "the future of U.S. policy" at the Brookings Institution tomorrow (Wednesday), reports the Washington Post. The senator, who most  (um, if not everyone) would say has been eyeing the Republican vice president bid, will be discussing whether U.S. global leadership is sustainable in the 21st century.

The real discussion will be among attendees, who will no doubt ask Rubio whether he still is interested in the GOP vice president slot.  Rubio, who has told CNN "I'm not even going to discuss the process anymore. I’m going to be respectful of the process he’s put in place," has made some interesting remarks in the past few weeks concerning the possible nomination, including alluding that he would turn it down, and even stating in a response that, "if I do a good job as vice president…" (Freudian slip?)

In any case, we'll be looking forward to hearing what he has to say about global leadership, and hopefully we’ll get some more juicy tidbits on whether he is, indeed, gunning to be the Republican VP candidate. (We're going to predict a big "yes" on that one.)

Tell us: Do you think Rubio is a good choice for VP? Or has he said too much already?