Marco Rubio Comes to Donald Trump's Defense Amid 'SNL' Backlash

Marco Rubio Comes to Donald Trump's Defense on 'SNL' Backlash

Republican contenders Donald Trump and Marco Rubio haven’t seen eye-to-eye on much during the presidential race, but now Rubio is defending Trump on an issue that Latino politicians, activists and celebs have all spoken out against: Trump’s hosting gig on Saturday Night Live.

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"It's a free country," the Cuban-American Florida senator said on Fox News' "Your World" with Neil Cavuto on Wednesday. "I don't agree with everything that Donald Trump says, I don't agree with everything the other side says, either. But if you don't like it, don't watch the show."

"It's on at 11:35 on Saturday nights and there are plenty of other things you can watch, or you can just go to bed early," he added.

But for other Latinos, it’s not that simple. Rep. Luis Gutiérrez (D-Illinois), who recently penned a letter to Comcast and NBC explaining why they should "dump Trump," brought the issue to the House floor on Wednesday.

"To put Donald Trump on the air in American living rooms on the signature comedy show of the most important national networks after saying that Mexicans are rapists, drug dealers, and criminals, that is a corporate blunder too big to be ignored," the Puerto Rican congressman said while standing next to a sign that read, "#RacismIsntFunny."

"I wonder if things might have been different if Donald Trump was calling all Canadians rapists, murderers and drug dealers," Gutiérrez added, speaking indirectly to SNL’s creator and producer Lorne Michaels, who was born in Canada.

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Half Mexican, half African-American R&B singer Miguel and Latino rights group the National Council of La Raza have also vocally rebuked NBC for letting Trump host the Nov. 7 show.