How Did Marco Rubio Blow His Immigration Moment?

When it comes to immigration reform, Sen. Marco Rubio has succeeded where so many others have failed. So how exactly did the "Gang of Eight" member blow his immigration moment?

According to Yahoo! News, Rubio has failed to win any high-profile support besides Bill O'Reilly. The Florida senator also failed to impact the final inside game, being the only bipartisan member to embrace Sen. John Cornyn's border security amendment. And his suggestion to not voting on the final bill which he helped draft, has been publicly mocked by fellow Republican Lindsey Graham.

Rubio has now found himself stuck in between a rock and a hard place. If immigration reform becomes law, Rubio won't get much credit from reform advocates, yet will still suffer plenty of blame from anti-immigration forces. And if it doesn't become law, he will have to explain why he couldn't make it happen.

Yahoo! News has stated that what Rubio needs to do is dust himself off, stop talking about himself and get back on the conservative circuit. Show fellow conservatives how the attacks against the bill are nonsense and go right at the heart of anti-reform outrage and strip it of all legitimacy.

Reporter David Catanese said that Rubio may not have won over many conservative talkers, but neither has he burned many bridges.