Chicano Creates Satirical "Make America Mexico Again" Cap to Mock Trump

Chicano Creates a Satire "Make America Mexico Again" Hat to Spark Change

A young Chicano created a satirical baseball cap with the phrase “Make America Mexico Again” to mock Donald Trump's "Make America Great Again" slogan and spark change.

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Jerónimo Saldaña came up with his politically humorous version of the infamous hat to make others laugh and to alter the tone of the conversation by standing up to Trump’s rhetoric of xenophobia and racism. But his form of activism was met with apprehension.

When Saldaña walked into a Lids store and asked for the design to be created, the manager refused, stating that the company refrains from recreating political slogans because it constitutes as a copyright violation. Saldaña replied that the design wouldn’t incorporate the actual slogan; it was just satire.

According to FindLaw, criticizing copyrighted material falls under fair use, making satirical clothing, like Saldaña’s hat, acceptable under the First Amendment.

"Of course I don't want to actually 'Make America Mexico Again,'" Saldaña told NBC News. "Trump's slogan refers to a time when people of color didn't have any rights and when LGBTQ folks were even more discriminated against than they are now."

While disappointed after his conversation with Lids, Saldaña kept looking for another distributor to create the hat. He found a Brooklyn-based independent company that was willing to do it, and, after a lot of positive responses around his new cap, he decided to create a GoFundMe page to raise funds for more. As of Thursday morning, Saldaña racked up more than $7,000.

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That's something we can get behind!