Latino Sports Daily: Pau Gasol Shows His Frustration and More

- It well may be that Pau Gasol is starting to show his frustration over this potential trade from the Los Angeles Lakers. He was interviewed by a Spanish radio station and may have called the team overconfident and selfish.

In a disappointing game against the Washington Wizards, the Lakers blew a 21-point lead and eventually lost. It's hard to say that only one person is to blame, but many are noting that Kobe Bryant missed more shots than Gasol and Andrew Bynum even took -- and that's combined! 

Pau Gasol In Danger of Being Traded

The trouble is that the translation of the interview is a bit rough, so it's unclear exactly what Gasol said. Perhaps Gasol didn't actually mean to be so harsh, but after such a disappointing game and with his future as a Laker still unclear, we wouldn't blame him. (Yahoo! Sports)

- Poor Carmelo Anthony can't catch a break this season. First he gets injured, then his replacement turns out to be the sports story of the year (well ... so far), and now his performance has been lacking since his return. Anthony joined the New York Knicks because of his ability to score, but has been letting the team down in that aspect. What's up with his game and when will it get better? (SB Nation)