Latino Sports Daily: NCAA Tournament a No-Go for Fab Melo

- The NCAA Tournament 2012 is off to a rocky start for Syracuse Orange player Fab Melo. The Brazilian player is a star on the team, but Syracuse University announced yesterday that he was ineligible to play in the NCAA Tournament. Melo missed a few games earlier in the season because of academics, but a reason for his ineligibility wasn't given this time around.

But if you're cheering for Latinos during March Madness, you still have plenty of others to follow from VCU, Iona College, and more. (Fox News Latino)

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- NBA trade rumors have never been hotter what with the deadline now hours away. Unsurprisingly, Pau Gasol is still at the center of it all. Sources say that instead of a move to the Houston Rockets, Gasol might actually be traded to the Chicago Bulls. He's keeping mum about the whole thing and Lakers fans are hoping they don't let him go. We'll find out soon enough! (ESPN)

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- Carmelo Anthony is also making NBA trade headlines today, after he reportedly told someone close to him that he wanted the New York Knicks to trade him. Things have been rocky for Anthony all season, especially since his return to the court after recovering from his injury. It looks like he will resolve things with the coach and GM before tomorrow's trade deadline, but you never know! (New York Post)