Latino Sports Daily: Manny Ramirez Gets His Game On For The Oakland Athletics

- Manny Ramirez is hitting the field and getting his A-game back on track for the Oakland Athletics. The Dominican outfielder, 39, who most recently retired from the Tampa Bay Rays last season, got back on the field for batting practice over the weekend. The professional baseball player hit seven home runs during his training with the A's coach Mike Gallego.

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It's a good sign for the player who has experienced plenty of controversy in the past year including a domestic violence charge for allegedly getting into a heated altercation with his wife Juliana back in September. Although Ramirez is allowed to take part in spring training, he is still required to serve a 50-day suspension period for failing his second drug test.

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During a recent press conference, the A's player said, "I made some mistakes and I want to show my children I can correct them." Ramirez added, "I was about to lose my family. My wife brought me to church. She changed my environment and I found a lot of good people out there."

Do you think Ramirez will shine on the field this season? (Foxs News Latino)