Latino Sports Daily: Los Angeles Angels’ Player Albert Pujols Doesn’t Want to Be “El Hombre”

- ‘The Man’ may be a term that most alpha males find endearing, but not for professional baseball player Albert Pujols. An Angels marketing campaign has sprouted 20 billboard advertisements across Southern California, including one of Pujols with the words “El Hombre” (“The Man") written across the board.  The slugger disapproves of the campaign out of respect for St. Louis Cardinals Hall of Famer Stan Musial, who earned the original nickname.

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The Dominican slugger was tagged “El Hombre” after signing a ten-year deal with the west coast team worth $250 million. Pujols said, "Like I say, I haven't talked to them, but I prefer not to use [El Hombre]." In reference to Musial he added, "I still have the same respect for him as I had, not just for what he's done in baseball but for what he did for his country. That's something you have to appreciate."

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Do you think the billboard should be taken down? (ESPN)