Latino Sports Daily: Lionel Messi Is on the Rise

- Soccer sensation Lionel Messi is on his way to becoming a household name even among those who don't follow soccer. After a Champions League record of five goals in his game last Wednesday, he continued his streak this past Sunday, scoring another two goals. The Argentine player taking Barcelona to the top has now scored 13 goals in five games and is another five away from Cesar Rodriguez's career record of 235. (Reuters UK)

- Now that the speculation over bringing Peyton Manning onto the New York Jets is over, Mark Sanchez fans are resting easy but might possibly be a bit too optimistic about what it means for Sanchez. While there are a lot of murmurings about their renewed interest in, and support of Sanchez, a lot of the buzz is actually based on the deal that already existed.

As it turns out, the only guarantee is an additional $2.75 million for 2013. The rest depends on the Jets keeping him on the roster and the team winning the Super Bowl. We'll see how that goes... (Forbes)