Latino Sports Daily: Knicks Rivals Should Fear Melo's Return

Last night’s Valentine’s Day buzzer beater has propelled Linsanity to its highest level yet. The last minute 3-point shot by break-out star Jeremy Lin gave the New York Knicks the 90-87 win over the Toronto Raptors continuing their 6 game winning streak. The rise of Lin in the absence of Carmelo Anthony, who sat out his 4th game due to a groin injury, seems to have made part-Puerto Rican Anthony into a villain of sorts. The same fans who couldn’t wait to add Anthony to the team just one year ago are claiming he will spoil the winning streak when he returns to the court. One fan tweeted at Anthony, “Wonder if @carmeloanthony knows or cares how terrified #Knicks fans are about his return.” According to Anthony replied tweeting, “I didn’t realize that. Thanx4update.”

Latino Sports Daily: Move Over Jeremy Lin - Melo's Back!

Instead of the fans, though, it is the Knicks future competitors who should be fearful. “Rival teams should be concerned that the breakthrough partnership of Lin and coach Mike D’Antoni – in combination with the bottom-line pressure to win in New York – is exactly what Anthony needs to elevate his career,” wrote Ian Thomsen. “Instead of fighting the progress of the Knicks, Anthony is likely to embrace it and become better than ever.” Those who think like Thomsen agree that Lin’s rise to stardom is just the push Anthony needs at this point in his career to become the team player the Knicks need to take the team all the way. In fact, other basketball greats Michael Jordan, Shaquille O’Neal, Isiah Thomas and Kobe Bryant all waited until their late 20s to fully develop and win their first championship ring. Anthony fans cross their fingers in hopes that the 27-year-old can follow in these guys’ footsteps!

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