Latino Sports Daily: Carmelo Anthony Struggles to Get Back on Track

- In his third game back, Carmelo Anthony is still trying to get back on his feet after his injury. While Lin-sanity kept the New York Knicks riding high in Anthony's absence, you'd think that the two of them together would make a dream duo of sorts. Unfortunately, that hasn't happened and people are starting to question if Anthony even has it in him anymore.

Last night the Miami Heat defeated the Knicks, 102-88, and while Anthony scored 19 points -- the most since his return -- it's not all that impressive. This has led to some experts taking a closer look at his falling stats, with one article pointing out that he's averaging fewer points than he has in six years. Whatever's going on, he's gonna need to fix soon or it's goodbye Anthony, hello Lin. (SB Nation)

Latino Sports Daily: Pau Gasol in Danger of Being Traded and More!

- Carmelo Anthony has also been mentioned in connection to another name we've been hearing a lot of lately: Pau Gasol. A few days ago, Peter Vecsey of the New York Post proposed that the Knicks and Los Angeles Lakers trade the two Latino basketball stars and the idea is starting to catch on.

But, it's just a suggestion and hasn't officially hit the rumor mill, which was dominated for a couple of days with talk of Gasol joining the Chicago Bulls. (Yahoo! Sports)