Latino Sports Daily: Carmelo Anthony Credited With Jump-Starting Linsanity

-Though the New York Knicks 7 game winning streak came to an end last Friday against the New Orleans Hornets, it is doubtful that Linsanity will be completely over just yet. As the return of Knicks part-Puerto Rican Carmelo Anthony grows nearer with each game, it has been no secret that sports fans have a great deal of apprehension surrounding his coming back to the court. Since Anthony has been out due to a groin injury during Jeremy Lin’s rapid rise to glory, all are anxious about whether the two will mesh well together – everyone except Lin and Anthony it seems. In fact, on “The Michael Kay Show” last week Lin gave credit to Anthony for telling coach Mike D’Antoni to put him in the February 4th game against the New Jersey Nets where he tasted those first few drops of stardom and success. “That’s why I think it’s funny right now,” said Lin, according to ESPN. “Some people are talking about, ‘Oh, can Melo adjust into the system?’ I mean, Melo wants to adjust to the system, and he doesn’t want to shoot 30 shots a game. The fact that he vouched for me shows a lot about him.”

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-The Los Angeles Lakers were the victors in the 111-99 win over the Phoenix Suns on Friday, but Spanish baller Pau Gasol seemed more frustrated than anything else. In the wake of rumors that the Lakers are looking to trade Gasol, his post game stats stood much lower than usual as fans watched him slump after each missed opportunity. “Personally I don’t understand that crap,” stated Kobe Bryant expressing his inability to comprehend the Lakers’ desire to trade Gasol and blaming the uncharacteristic performance on heightened emotions, according to LA Times. “But it is what it is. It’s important for him to know we support him. I support him especially. I just want him to go out there and play hard and do what he does best for us.”

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