Latino Sports Daily: Alex Rodriguez's Bizarre Health Kick For Spring Training

- Dining out has taken a new meaning for Alex Rodriguez! The Yankees player has developed a bizarre ritual of bringing his own food to restaurants while spring training in Tampa, Florida. A-Rod and his wrestler girlfriend Torrie Wilson were spotted having lunch in South Beach over the weekend, but sources say he didn’t order anything on the menu. Instead the Dominican baseball player was sticking to a special high-protein diet. He even carried his own cooler packed with meals! We hope the dedication pays off! (NY Post)

A-Rod Caught Up In Illegal Gambling Ring

- Miami Marlins pitcher Juan Carlos Oviedo is currently being held in the Dominican Republic and may not be able to attend spring training in the U.S. The player formerly known as Leo Nunez is being held in his native country for using a fake name during seven major league seasons. Oviedo, who has a $6 million one-year contract with the team, is working on getting his visa in order to be allowed back into the U.S. We hope he is able to hit the field soon. What do you think about his tough immigration status? (Fox News)