Latino Mormons: Fastest Growing LDS Church Group

The year was 1964 when Mexican Mormons began migrating north and bringing their faith along with them. Now in Utah, one can visit a small museum fully dedicated to the history of Mexican Mormons.

Fernando Rogelio Gómez -- the man behind the museum which explores Mexican Mormon history -- tells of the drastic change seen in the amount of Spanish-Speaking Mormons in Utah since 1964. "It has exploded," Gomez told PRI. "There was only one small branch, but today there's probably 35, 40 units just in Utah county."

According to Fox News Latino, the number of Spanish-speaking members who have joined the Mormon church has nearly doubled in the last 10 years. And the number of Spanish-speaking congregations in the U.S. has risen to more than 760.

"More than 5 million members of our church are in Central America, South America and the Caribbean," Eric Hawkins, a Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints spokesman, said during a conference.

So what has brought so many Latinos to follow the Mormon faith? Ignacio García, history professor at Brigham Young University says "Latinos are drawn to Mormonism for it's tight-knit culture."