Latino Attendance Helps High School Graduation Rates Reach Record High

Latino Attendance Helps High School Graduation Rates Reach Record High

National graduation rates have reached a record high of 81%, and Latino attendance is one of the biggest contributing factors.

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Fox News Latino reports that an annual Grad Nation report showed that in the last decade, 1.8 million students have graduated from high school in the U.S. The report provides insight into future graduation rates as well, showing 90% graduating from high school by 2020.

The Latino rate, in particular, has increased significantly since 2006, with a jump from 15 to 75%. This is much due to the development of systems and states being able to properly identify at-risk students.

The increase is also a result of the decrease in “dropout factories” — high schools with extremely low (60% or less) graduation rates. Over recent years, Latino and African-American students have strayed away from these schools more.

Despite the increase, there is still room for improvement. Minority students still face difficulties in their education, “including discipline disparities... language barriers and lack of access to rigorous coursework” that will properly prepare them for college and beyond, the report said.

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Even more so, students will disabilities and low-income families face the greatest difficulties against graduating.