Armed Teen Anthony Nuñez Was Fatally Shot By Cops This Week

This Latino, Anthony Nuñez, was Killed by Cops this Week
Anthony Nunez Family

Anthony Nuñez, an armed18-year-old man, was fatally shot by two police officers in East San Jose on Monday. 

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Nuñez was reportedly suicidal and already shot himself in the head. According to reports the cops approached him, calmly asking him give up the gun. When Nuñez aimed the handgun at himself then at the officers, the cops shot him. Nuñez died an hour later.

Nuñez’s mom, Sandy Sanchez, described her son as a “happy-go-lucky kid” who has had small legal troubles in the past but straighten himself out. She was out of town when she learned about her son’s death.

"I come home to my son being dead," said Sanchez. "He's no longer with us and I'm trying to make sense of everything. He was well and alive and happy ... Now I have to bury my son. Over what?”

She didn’t comment on whether or not her son was suicidal, but did mention that he seemed “really sad” and “really depressed” when she was gone. The handgun belonged to Nuñez's father who didn’t know that his son got a hold of it.

Nuñez was one of four Latinos who were killed by cops this week. on Sunday Pedro Villanueva of Fullerton, California and Raul Saavedra-Vargas from Reno, Nevada were both killed by cops due to traffic issues. On Tuesday Melissa Ventura of Yuma Arizona was shot by police after they found her holding a knife.

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The two officers who shot at Nuñez have been on routine administrative leave, said San Jose Police Chief Eddie Garcia.