Latina Toddler Dies After Routine Dental Procedure in California


A three-year-old girl passed away Monday from a fatal reaction to anesthesia at a dentist’s office in Stockton, Calif.

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Daleyza Avila-Hernandez was undergoing a procedure to have two teeth capped and two teeth removed when her mother, Araveli Avila, saw an ambulance pull into the lot. She was told that her daughter's heart had stopped.

According to David Thompson, an office administrator at the Children's Dental Surgery Center in Stockton, the child was stabilized before being transported to Saint Joseph's Hospital, where she later died.

Names of the staffers performing the procedure have not been released, but Thompson says the surgery has been done several times before.

Police are investigating the death.

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"We are conducting a child death investigation," a Stockton Police Department spokesperson told ABC. "At this time, it appears nothing criminal has happened, but this is still an active investigation."