Latina Teen Pregnancy Rate Down 40 Percent

A new report released by the CDC confirms that Latina teen pregnancy is down by 40 percent. The report’s lead author, Brady Hamilton, found significant drops in all states, but the Mountain States of Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Nevada and Utah saw rates decrease by 30 percent or more.

The Hispanic teen pregnancy rate Hispanic rate dipped from 75 births to 49 births per 1,000. However, white non-Hispanic teens continue to have the lowest birth rate nationally with 22 births per 1,000.

Crackdown on immigration and the poor economy may be major influencers in the report's numbers. Although the reason for the decline is not entirely certain, the dip points to second and third-generation Latinos having a stronger impact due to their assimilation to American customs.

"There is more attention on education, career, and the future," said Dr. Janet Realini, director of Healthy Futures of Texas, a San Antonio-based organization focused on preventing teen pregnancies.

While the report has a positive note, it also highlights that Latina teen pregnancy rates continue to be higher than Blacks and Whites in states including: California, Texas, New York, New Jersey, Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Georgia.

For more information on teen pregnancy visit the CDC website. What are your thoughts on the study?