Latina Teen Trampled to Death in Mexico Nightclub Shooting

Latina Teen Trampled to Death in Mexico Nightclub Shooting
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Denver college student Alejandra Villanueva was shot dead at a nightclub in Mexico.

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The 18-year-old young American woman was killed after a gunman opened fire in a popular resort at Playa Del Carmen. She was in Mexico visiting for a 10-day electronic music festival. 

Ignacio Valencia said they were sitting outside the Blue Parrot club when a flood of panicked patrons ran toward them around 2:30 a.m.

"I hear bullets," he told NBC News. "As soon as it happened everyone said, 'Get down! get down!' So I told Alejandra get down."

Villanueva told Valencia in Spanish that she didn't feel anything, so he told her to just stay with him. But as bodies fell around them, he noticed Villanueva was unconcious, despite attempts to nudge her awake. 

"I'm telling her, 'Let's go, we have to go,'" he said. "I'm screaming for my other friend, Michael, who was there with us as well ... That's when my friend comes and we're trying to wake her up and everything, but she's not responsive. I kind of felt that she was no longer with us at that point."

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Valencia was among those injured, as he was shot in both hands. New York man Michael Angel Palenque, who was with them both, was also injured. Valencia it was "the worst experience [he's] ever had in [his] life."