Update: Latina Teen Allegedly Abducted By Her 'Obsessed' Ex-Boyfriend

A Latina teen who was allegedly abducted by her ex-boyfriend on Sunday might be in great danger, according to Texas authorities. Officials say that 14-year-old Ruby Zavala was kidnapped by her 23-year-old ex Jesus Ramirez, along with her mother and sister.

Mount Pleasant Police Chief Wayne Isbell said that based on evidence his team has uncovered, they have gathered that Ramirez “was upset with her and we believe this was planned.” Isbell wouldn’t divulge details on the kind of evidence his team found.

According to a report by Good Morning America, Zavala and her mother and sister were kidnapped from Saint Michael's Catholic Church in Mount Pleasant, Texas. The teen’s mom and sister were released on Sunday afternoon.

Police Chief Isbell described the relationship between Zavala and Ramirez as “volatile” and that his team believes “he [Ramirez] is unstable. He may be delusional. He's obsessed with the girl."

After Zavala’s mother and sister were released, authorities located the wrecked and abandoned truck [which belonged to Zavala’s mother] that was used by Ramirez in a wooded area eight miles west of the city.

Zavala, who has black hair and brown eyes, is described as 5 feet tall and 120 pounds. She was last seen wearing a white top, jeans and tan shoes.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Mount Pleasant Police Department at (903) 575-4004.

UPDATE: Zavala was found safe and sound on Monday. Police say the teen had sustained minor injuries and dehydration. According to NBCDFW.com, Ramirez is now being held in county jail after surrendering. 

We are so happy to know Zavala was recovered.