Latina Survives Plane Crash and Turns her Loss Into Hope

Mercedes Ramirez Johnson survived most people’s worst fear – a plane crash. On her 21st birthday in 1995, Johnson boarded a flight with her parents from Miami to Cali, Colombia. Tragically, the plane crashed in the Andes Mountains and only four people survived. Johnson lost her parents and suffered serious injuries from the accident. Despite all of the challenges she faced, the mother of four boys finished college and transformed her terrible experience into a hopeful story.

Now the survivor from Texas is being featured on ABC’s The Revolution, a daily talk show about inspiring lifestyle transformations featuring five experts, designer Ty Pennington, stylist Tim Gunn, celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak, Dr. Jennifer Ashton and therapist Dr. Tiffanie Davis Henry. Johnson is taken back to Colombia with the show’s therapist to face her fear of flying, pay her respects to her family, and reunite with the doctor who saved her life.

The journey reveals many hidden blessings. During the trip, she realizes that the doctor who saved her life created a new medical procedure during her rescue. Now he uses the method to help save others. Johnson has also become a motivational speaker and tells her clients, “Life is about living with all of your senses. Living in survival mode, unless you are living in danger, serves no purpose.”

Check out more about this inspiring Latina, who is featured all this week on The Revolution. Also be sure to tune in and watch her return to the crash site on February 2nd.