Watch This Latina Brilliantly Defend a Couple Being Racially Attacked on the Subway

A young Latina bravely spoke up in defense of a couple being verbally and racially attacked on the New York City subway.

The video shows a woman asking a couple in front of her, "Why are you here? Why are you in this country if you're not with us?" The man's response is not heard, but all the other patrons on the train can certainly hear the altercation, which caused another woman to speak up. She tries to silence the aggressor, yet is shut down. Then, the Latina steps in to voice her concern, and seemingly silences the attacker's racism in under two minutes.

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The Latina asks the woman her nationality, inferring that she, too, is Latina. She then starts speaking in Spanish, explaining that her reasoning for attacking the couple is "ridiculous" and "disrespectful," and totally unwarranted being that she only did it based on the fact that they look Muslim. The woman's dialogue could not be any more empowering, as she explains the need to come together and unite during such a tense time in the country. It is sad to know that the attacker is a Latina herself, and that she can't understand how detrimental her words are for every culture.

Watch the video above.