9 Latin Sorority Sisters React to Angry Sorority Girl Letter!

Natasha: I am shocked! I wish a sister WOULD! Lol. Seriously though, it's sad to see her motives were all based on pleasing the fraternity. This will reflect badly on all sororities.

Alicia: First of all, LMAO @ the president Rachel Norris... that girl needs some serious PR lessons. Secondly, thank you Rebecca Martinson aka Regina George for setting women back a couple of decades! While I do agree with Stef, this girl clearly has some identity and depression issues, I'm so disappointed that she's being driven by what men think or satisfying THEIR needs. The point of a sorority, besides the obvious sisterhood, is to have a strong machine of women that support each other’s growth and promote independence. This girl's need for the frat's attention makes me want to vomit! Further, what a way to "create a true sense of social responsibility" when she's saying you shouldn't hang out with other Greeks. Way to go moron.