Latin American Countries Issue Tsunami Warnings Across Pacific Coast

Latin American countries all across the Pacific Coast are issuing tsunami warning and bracing themselves for the ramifications of the huge Japanese earthquake that devastated the northern part of the Asian island country.

Ecuador is evacuating the coastal areas as a preventative measure, with President Rafael Correa warning of an "imminent threat," but the Colombian government was more measured with their reaction, saying only that local experts were "monitoring" the wave patterns.

Either way, tsunami alerts have been issued from Mexico to Chile in reaction to strongest recorded earthquake ever to hit Japan. “This is a preventative alert,” Chile’s President Sebastian Pinera told reporters. “If there are any consequences from the earthquake and tsunamis that hit Japan, they would occur in the last hours of the day.”

Waves may reach Peru’s coast about 6 p.m. New York time, President Alan Garcia told reporters in Lima. The latest updates suggest that Latin America may be spared the worst of the tsunami, since waves that have hit Hawaii have been relatively small so far.