My Terrifying Experience with Latin America's Abortion Laws

But it's not—it's what happens all over Latin America, where some of the world's strictest abortion laws reign.

It's what happens in Nicaragua and Chile, where the law denies abortions even in cases where the pregnancy could kill the mother.

And it's what's happening to Beatriz, the Salvadoran woman with lupus and kidney disease who's been pleading for months for permission to abort a severely deformed fetus, ending a pregnancy that could kill her.

On Wednesday, the Salvadoran Supreme Court denied her plea. While the national Health Ministry has since intervened, allowing her to have a Cesarean next week, her long wait means she may suffer complications or die from the surgery.

She's not the only one—in the Dominican Republic last year a young pregnant cancer patient died after doctors withheld her chemotherapy, lest the medicine cause an abortion.

The rights we take for granted in the U.S. are still denied to millions of our fellow Latinas, and it's time we take notice.