5 Facts About Plastic Surgery in Latin America

According to The New York Times, the head of the Miss Venezuela pageant, Osmel Sousa, is taking credit for the plastic surgery trend seen throughout Venezuela. “When there is a defect, I correct it,” he said. “If it can be easily fixed with surgery, then why not do it?” He also adds that these surgical body enhancements are often necessary if you want to be considered beautiful. "I say that inner beauty doesn’t exist," he added. "That’s something that unpretty women invented to justify themselves.”

But Sousa isn't the only person in Latin America who appears to be fixated on cosmetic enhancements. Here are 5 facts about plastic surgery in Latin American countries:

1. Plastic Surgery: Venezuela Mannequins

In Venezuela, many store owners have chosen to display mannequins with extreme proportions, arguing that women in the South American country are getting plastic surgery more than ever before to transform their bodies, and their windows need to reflect that.

2. Plastic Surgery: Brazil

According to data by the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, Brazil and Colombia ranked in the top five countries with the most plastic surgery being conducted. Liposuction and breast implants were the most popular invasive surgeries among the population in Brazil, and liposuction ranked most popular in Colombia.

3. Plastic Surgery: Colombia Drugs

Speaking of Colombia, there have been rumors that narco traffickers use women with breast implants to smuggle drugs. The trend to get enhancements began with Pablo Escobar who had a love for teenage girls and big breasts, and would have his girlfriends get implants. This sparked an increase popularity and desire to look like these status symbols.

4. Plastic Surgery: Makeover Travel

MakeoverTravel.com was launched by tourism in Bolivia and its the country's way of enticing more people to visit. The site also offers destinations to Brazil.

5. Plastic Surgery: Teen

In Latin America, girls as young as 14 years old begin undergoing plastic surgery.