Las Vegas Mexican Consulate Vandalized with Swastika

Las Vegas Mexican Consulate Vandalized with Swastika
Screenshot from ABC News

On Monday, the people of Las Vegas woke up to learn that a swastika had been painted on the side of the Mexican Consulate, bringing panic to the city's large immigrant population.

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"I'm worried about it because we are in danger," Roberto Mondragon, who is a Mexican immigrant, told local ABC affiliate News 13.

Workers at the Downtown Las Vegas consulate were the first to spot the swastika, which was painted on the side of the building. The property owner believes the symbol was painted over the weekend.

"My stomach got a little sick when I saw that this morning. In fact, my intention was to go to the Mexican Consulate so that's it's taken care of. I don't want to see it on anyone's property, certainly not mine," Lane Kay, the property owner next to swastika, told the news outlet.

The consulate both protects the legal rights of Mexican-American workers in the area and provides them with legal representation and help with documentation.

“I guess our city isn’t above racism,” consulate worker Sylvia Mejia told the Las Vegas Review-Journal. “Donald Trump gave everyone the voice they were missing. As someone who’s Mexican-American and extremely proud of my heritage, this kind of behavior and vandalism makes me sick.”

Locals say that it’s not unlikely to see graffiti on buildings, but rarely anything this hateful.

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The Metropolitan Police Department is investigating, noting the possibility of a hate crime.