Ladies, Men Want You To Have More Pubic Hair

Magazines have scolded us for being too hairy, and men watching too much porn have said the same. But according to this survey, now only 12 percent of the 1,000 men surveyed say they prefer no hair down there.

So what do men want from us? We aren’t a ripe field for landscaping. Moving forward, how about we all carry fold-out menus with the different pubic hair styles we offer. Then, men will let us know what they think they will like the following week, and we will have enough time to grow our pubes out and trim to their taste.

Or, on a date, if things seem promising, we can let the guy know, “Listen, I only rock the Brazilian. There will be no vajazzling business going on here, FYI.” Thankfully, only a few men on the survey said they actually like seeing vajazzle on their girlfriends. In case you hadn’t jumped onto this yet, the odd term means “the act of applying glitter and jewels to a women’s bikini area for aesthetic purposes."

I’m sick (and I’m sure many other women are) of hearing how I should trim my pubes. If women want to wear a rocker Mohawk down there, so be it. If they want to tap into the 70s and sport an afro instead, let them be. Hell, if you want to be the first Pubic Rapunzel, all we will say is, Rapunzel let your hair down!

It’s our hair, not yours.