Ladies, Men Want You To Have More Pubic Hair

Ladies, sorry to break the news, but it turns out men prefer us with hair down there. Yes, down there.

According to a U.K. survey commissioned by Nads (the waxing brand), nearly half (43 percent) of 1,000 men surveyed say they prefer a woman’s region down under to look as natural as possible. By “natural,” they mean the ‘Bermuda Triangle’ style, which leaves a triangle of pubic hair pointing down to your vagina.

But wait, there’s more!

About 17 percent of men are all for the Brazilian, which leaves your pink bits bare except for a landing strip of hair down the middle. And 15 percent like the heart-shaped ‘Heart Breaker.’

My question to men is: are you sure you don’t prefer octagonal or pentagonal-shape trims instead? What about a parallelogram, or the outline of a chupacabra?

Oh, how fun for us women to know how men want us to style our pubic hair now!

We’ve spent years under the impression that the all-bare “Hollywood” style reigned over all other trim styles.