Meet La Borinqueña, a Badass Afro-Puerto Rican Superhero Helping Her Island

Meet La Borinqueña, a Badass Afro-Puerto Rican Superhero Helping Her Island
Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez

La Borinqueña is a new comic superhero with powers to fight Puerto Rico’s villains and its mounting financial crisis, but the character’s most powerful trait is bringing hope back to her Caribbean island.

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Created by Marvel Comics writer Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez, La Borinqueña is a New York-born Afro-puertorriqueña superhero who learns of her extraordinary strengths during a visit to la isla. She flies as forceful as a hurricane’s winds, has the strength of the waters of the Caribbean sea and can teleport wherever her people need her help.

"She is symbol of patriotism at a time when Puerto Ricans need to be reminded of their superpowers," Miranda-Rodriguez, who created the comic book after pitching the idea to the National Puerto Rican Day Parade, said. "She is a patriotic symbol of hope for Puerto Rico and Puerto Ricans. We don't need to look outside of us for the power—we have it inside. If we come together, we will win.”

The comic book will be written in English with some Spanish palabras sprinkled in. On its cover, which Miranda-Rodriguez posted on his instagram on Friday, the Afro-Latina superhero is donning a curve-hugging bodysuit with the stripes and colors of the Puerto Rican flag, though its star is moved from the top-center of the bandera to La Borinqueña’s heart, symbolizing her love for her country. Behind her stands prominent puertorriqueños like salsero Hector Lavoe, Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor, scholar Arturo Schomburg and political prisoner Oscar López Rivera, among others, waving their flag joyously.

"I like to tell stories that are rooted in narratives that inspire social change," Miranda-Rodriguez, a former educator, shares. "It's an origin story that is rooted in history with beats of modern day issues."

La Borinqueña is the first superhero to be endorsed by the Puerto Rican Day Parade, which takes place on June 12. The comic book, however, won’t launch until October, when it will make its debut at the Latino comic-con conference, Café con Comics.

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“I want all Puerto Ricans to know that being Puerto Rican is in and of itself a superpower," Miranda-Rodriguez says.