Jose Canseco Cleared in Rape Charges

Jose Canseco will not face any rape charges in the sexual assault case against him. According to Fox News Latino, Las Vegas police announced on Friday that they would not seek criminal charges against the former baseball slugger.

If you recall, the former All-Star outfielder actually live-tweeted the moment police officials arrived to his home after he was accused of rape, even including the name of his apparent accuser.

“Breaking news this is a first folks las vegas police was just at my house i have been charged with by a ________ from las vegas,” read Canseco’s first tweet, which kicked off a series of other poorly-written rants in which the Cuban-American former baseball pro included his apparent victim’s phone number and details such as “_____ told the police that i druged her and then raped her.hmmmmm.lets find out what really happened.”