Jose Canseco Accused of Sexual Assault

We think it's safe to say that Jose Canseco will never get a social media job. The former All-Star outfielder actually live-tweeted the moment Las Vegas police arrived to his home after he was accused of rape and, get this, included the name of his apparent accuser.

In a series of poorly-written tweets, the Cuban-American former baseball slugger also included the apparent victim’s phone number and details such as “_____ told the police that i druged her and then raped her.hmmmmm.lets find out what really happened.”

The tweet that began it all? “Breaking news this is a first folks las vegas police was just at my house i have been charged with by a ________ from las vegas.”

Hot mess.

For the curious, The Atlantic Wire caught screen grabs of the 48-year-old’s social media diarrhea, which was met with immediate outcry on Twitter (as we can all imagine). According to USA Today, no arrest was made on behalf of the police, who said no charges were immediately filed.

Some of Canseco’s tweets have since been deleted, but he’s remained true to his Twitter profile description: “Saying what I think” by continuing on his crazy rant today.

Susan Haber, a Canseco spokeswoman in Los Angeles, said she had no immediate information about the case.

In one tweet posted three hours ago, Canseco said he was setting up two polygraph exams about his sexual assault case – one with the media, and the other with police officials on June 5. In another tweet, he challenged his supposed accuser to also take a polygraph test.

His last tweet reads: “Because of thease false allegations by ­­­­­_______­­­­­ i have already lost lots of financial opportunities.”

Someone take the man's Twitter rights away.