Did Jorge Ramos Just Compare Donald Trump to Fidel Castro?

Did Jorge Ramos Just Compare Donald Trump to Fidel Castro?

In Jorge Ramos’ lengthy journalism career, there have only been two public figures who used body guards to stop him from asking a question: Donald Trump and Fidel Castro.

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In the latest episode of David Axelrod's podcast "The Axe Files," the Univision anchor opened up about that much-discussed time in August when Ramos was ejected from a Trump press conference while asking a question on immigration.

"I thought that was impossible that I would ever see something like that in the United States, which is a direct attack on freedom of the press. He called his bodyguard to throw me out of a press conference. In my 30 years as a journalist, I have never been ejected from a press conference," Ramos said.

But that wasn’t the first time a bodyguard stopped the Mexican-American reporter from doing his job. In the episode, Ramos recalls once trying to ask the former Cuban dictator a query during a summit in Guadalajara, Mexico in the early 1990s. Castro’s bodyguard allegedly halted the respected journalist, refusing to let him ask his question.

"And then here comes Donald Trump doing exactly the same in the United States," Ramos said.

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Ramos’ comparison of Castro and the Republican frontrunner, regardless of its validity, is interesting, particularly because many of Trump’s greatest conservative supporters are likely some of Cuba’s, and Castro’s, fiercest critics.