Jodi Arias Talks About How She Met Her Murdered Ex

Jodi Arias is back in court – and has opened up much more about her scandalous case.

As we’ve reported before, the 32-year-old Latina is charged with the gruesome murder of her ex-boyfriend, Travis Alexander. Investigators say Arias stabbed the victim Alexander (who was an executive at a marketing company) 27 times in June 2008.

According to ABC News, Arias most recently spoke to the jury about meeting Alexander for the first time. She reportedly testified that Alexander introduced himself to her at a convention in Las Vegas, and they hit it off.

“He was staring at my lips like he wanted to kiss me, but he didn’t,” she said as she was seated in the Phoenix, AZ courtroom. Arias also shared intimate details about her first sexual encounter with the victim.

“I felt apprehensive but I was going with it,” she said. Arias described her ex-boyfriend as the aggressor. She also said that she never rejected any of Alexander’s advances.

After Alexander was brutally killed, Arias told authorities that she didn't hurt her ex-boyfriend, but later admitted she did – and that it stemmed from self-defense. The soft-spoken Latina stuck to this story in court this week when asked if she killed Alexander.

“Um… the simple answer is that he attacked me – and I defended myself,” she said. Arias has been on the stand for hours this week – rambling on about everything from her past relationships to what ABC News described as “irrelevant details.”

Before this week, the latest details to emerge from the Jodi Arias trial involve the woman’s diary. According to ABC News, a page of diary entries by the Arizona woman was filled with lies in the weeks after Alexander’s death. 

The page reportedly begins “.. that Travis is dead. What happened?!? Travis, what is this?"

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