Did Jenni Rivera Have a Living Trust to Protect Her Wealth?

The future of Jenni Rivera’s estate may not be as clean cut as we thought. Despite reports claiming that La Diva de la Banda left a letter stating that her sister Rosie Rivera would be taking over of Jenni Enterprises Inc., it is yet to be determined whether her note legally counts as a will, reports Forbes.

The legal formality of a will varies from state to state. In California, where Jenni lived and grew up, the letter may qualify as a will depending on how it was worded and whether the singer intended the letter to be a will when it was signed in the first place. In addition, if Jenni had a living trust it would validate the letter and protect her assets after death.

According to her brother, Pedro Rivera Jr., Jenni did have financial advisers that helped her “make things right.” As the court paperwork states, the regional Mexican star made sure to sign a prenuptial agreement with ex-husband, Esteban Loaiza, before their separation. The divorce, which was filed in October, was not finalized before Jenni’s tragic death last month.

Her empire is valued to be worth an estimated $25 million. We hope the future of her wealth stands by exactly what Jenni asked for. What do you think?