Inspiring Young Latina: Dee Vazquez Empowers Women on The Move

Puerto Rican and Dominican host, Dee Vazquez dominates the airwaves. The 28-year-old host can be seen on FUSE's The Chronicles, or heard on HOT 97 and Sirius/XM Satellite Radio. She is not only a TV and radio personality, she is a producer, journalist and, above all, a humanitarian. Along with co-founder, Amber Ravenel, Vazquez jumpstarted the non-profit organization, Women on the Move (WOTM), which informs, educates, and empowers the next generation of female business owners, entertainers, authors, and more.

The organization just finished up their March "Herstory" tour, a series of inspiring seminars and workshops especially made for young women to succeed. We recently caught-up with this inspiring young Latina to hear more about the cause below:

What inspired you and co-founder Amber Ravenel to jumpstart Women on The Move?

I was just coming on Hot 97 and she was promoting one of her artist [from Ravenel Records] and we just bonded over being sick and tired of hearing the same male rap songs on the radio station. I was like, ‘I want to know where all of the ladies are at?’ Ravenel and I really supported one another and started hosting events about women in the media. We didn’t have much, but with the resources that we did have we were able to create Women on the Move.

What’s the core of the organization?

It’s about getting women together and honoring them. We support women who want to establish themselves in the industry and we guide them through reaching their own success. We provide mentorships and internships for students and young women, so that they have that support system to strive in their field.

What has been some of the highlights for the “Herstory” March tour?

It’s crazy because we did a radio interview with one of the girls from our program and one of our listeners reached out and said the story inspired her to go back to school. I thought, ‘This is really big.’ During our panel at NYU, we also saw so many women who were inspired by our message. Tears literally came down because of seeing all of the hunger and the passion out there. A lot of times, young people try to reach for their dreams, but opportunities aren’t always available to us. We are here to say, ‘Come to us. We will help you.’

What do you hope for the organization’s future?

What we want to do now is offer career workshops for the young women and just extend it so we really serve them and everything that they need. Because it’s something that’s so grassroots, it has taken us time to expand. It has been six years and we are proud of what we have done, but we hope to continue growing.

Watch the video below and support Women on The Move today. Be sure to follow them on Twitter @wotm_nyc for more details!