Attention Shifts to House After Senate Passes Immigration Bill

Now that the immigration reform bill has passed in the Senate, the focus is now on the House to keep the bill going.

Yahoo! News reports that the bill's prospects are highly uncertain in the Republican-led House because these conservatives generally oppose citizenship for immigrants living in the country unlawfully. Many also prefer a step-by-step approach rather than a comprehensive bill like the legislation the Senate passed Thursday on a bipartisan vote of 68-32.

President Obama issued a statement calling on the House to act. "Today, the Senate did its job. It's now up to the House to do the same," Obama said. "As this process moves forward, I urge everyone who cares about this issue to keep a watchful eye. Now is the time when opponents will try their hardest to pull this bipartisan effort apart so they can stop common-sense reform from becoming a reality. We cannot let that happen."

Members of the Senate's "Gang of Eight" group who drafted the bill, echoed Obama's plea.