Emmanuel Lubezki's Works on Tear-Inducing Commercial About Immigrants Crossing the Desert



KIND is the latest brand to address Trump’s border wall frenzy in their recent campaign, “The Difference Between Nice and Kind.”

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We’ve seen from other companies such as 84 Lumber’s Super Bowl commercial, which followed the journey of a mother and daughter at the border, enter the political fray. But whereas a lot of brands use inclusiveness and acceptance as talking points for their business, the Manhattan-based snack bar has been actively dedicated in its mission to be kind to the world, especially the most vulnerable. In it’s website they write, “Nice is something you say, whereas Kind is something you do. If we had to sum it up, we’d say this: Nice is passive, but Kind is active.”

The founder of the popular granola bars, Daniel Lubetzky, partnered up with his cousin, Emmanuel Lubezki, the three-time Academy Award winner, to film a commercial that documents the volunteers who leave behind gallons of water to those crossing the border.

Lubetzky is the son of a Holocaust survivor who fled to Mexico at age 15, the Jewish-Mexican CEO, grew up on both sides of the border, so it’s not odd that his company would highlight the life and death situations of those crossing the border.

In the short commercial one of the volunteers says, “We are not trying to tell people to cross or not to cross, we’re trying to do what we can to stop people from dying.”

Immigrants, not just from Mexico but also refugees from other countries, who attempt to cross the border are exposed to serious dehydration, heat strokes, and hypothermia from the desert.

Lubezki, who has consecutively won for best cinematography in the films, Gravity, Birdman, and The Revenant, is known for his technique in using natural lighting. His visual technique of using landscapes, sunsets, sunrises, and the backlit sun is seen in the commercial as a way to capture the traces of immigrants along the border. He uses his skill in capturing the desert landscape, the moments the sun reflects off of the faces of the volunteers and the shadows of the border wall to evoke an emotion of loss and empathy for the lives of those crossing the border.

“I was struck not just by the incredible courage but also by the tremendous empathy that these volunteers had, going out of their way to protect the well-being of fellow human beings they may never meet,” said Lubezki for Kind’s website.

The campaign is also holding a contest where three winners will receive $25,000 to donate to a charity of their choice by submitting a written essay, photo, or video that interprets the difference between nice and kind. Other prizes include cash and photography/videography gear to help fund your next creative project.

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Watch the heart-wrenching video above.