Immigrant Families Protest Obama Administration's Deportations

“Destroying families is un-American,” said Chicago community leader Artemio Arreola.

With nearly 400,000 deportations per year, and more than one million families separated, President Obama’s administration is facing heat from the immigrant Latino community. The national Change Takes Courage campaign, launched on June 30 and sponsored by the Fair Immigration Reform Movement, is combating the President’s resistance to stop deportations.

“The President should keep his promise to the Latino community,” Arreola said.

This administration is accountable for the highest rate of deportations in United States history. Though the President has said that he will target deportations toward violent criminals, his policy seems to be doing otherwise, breaking apart non-criminal working families. Despite the President’s support of the DREAM Act, many undocumented students and youth have been deported.

Campaigning for the 2012 election will soon begin in earnest and it seems that the President may suffer with Latino voters if he doesn't address deportations immediately.

“We have given President Obama a deadline of August 15 to make good on his promise and deliver. We’re working hard on voters registration and citizenship, and locking up our votes," said Miriam Perez, La Fuerza Juventud leader. "Obama has the key to the lock box of votes, and if he wants to win, he needs to use his discretion and stop the deportations.”