Hugo Chávez Body to be Displayed in Glass Tomb

As Venezuela (and the world) deals with the late Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez's death, details are coming to light about the polarizing leader's funeral and final resting place. According to the Associated Press, Chavez's body will be preserved and displayed indefinitely inside a glass tomb at a military museum (Museum of the Revolution) that is not far from the palace where he ruled from for 14 years. 

“We have decided to prepare the body of our ‘Comandante President,’ to embalm it so that it remains open for all time for the people. Just like Ho Chi Minh. Just like Lenin. Just like Mao Zedong,” Vice President and acting head of state Nicolas Maduro said. 

Maduro, who will be sworn in on Friday, said that Chavez will lie in state for "at least" seven days at the museum, which will become his permanent home. It's unclear when Chavez's body will be moved form the military academy to the museum. His body has been there since Wednesday.

On Friday, a state funeral will be given and attended by 33 heads of government, including Cuban President Raul Castro and Iranian leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. U.S. Rep. Gregory Meeks, a New York Democrat, and former Rep. William Delahunt, a Democrat from Massachusetts, will represent the United States.

Maduro stated that the ceremony would begin at 11 a.m. Friday, but did not state where. The funeral and tomb announcement comes after two emotion-filled days where supporters compared him to Jesus Christ and created many tributes, leaving flowers and lighting candles for the former leader.