House Ignores Texans, Approves Dangerous Bill to Virtually Ban Abortion

More than 1,000 Texans rallied in Houston on Tuesday for Planned Parenthood's "Stand with Texas Women' bus tour stop in a final attempt to stop legislators from passing a bill that could virtually ban abortion. But, their continued protests were unsuccessful.

According to ABC News, the Texas House provisionally approved tough new abortion restrictions on Tuesday night, making good on a third attempt to pass the measure this year. Texans were not allowed to testify at the bill's hearing.

Lawmakers debated for more than 10 hours Tuesday, before voting on the Republicans' signature legislation. They approved the bill mainly along party lines.

In addition to approving this ban on abortion, the House voted down an amendment proposed by Republican Rep. Sarah Davis to preserve the ability of rape victims and women whose lives are in danger to access safe and legal abortion.

"I believe the bill as drafted will be a de facto ban on abortion," said Davis. "No one wants to see abortions, it's a terrible way to end a pregnancy, but it is a constitutionally protected right."