Homeless Man Killed In Brutal "Knockout Game"

A terrifying new “Knockout Game” has people on edge across the country, after a homeless man was killed by teenage participants. 

Fox News Latino reports that on Tuesday, Sept. 10, Ralph Eric Santiago, 46, became the latest victim of this brutal “game.” Santiago was walking near downtown Hoboken, N.J., just across the river from downtown Manhattan when he was attacked by three teenage boys. 

Unknown to Santiago, the three teens, two aged 13 and one 14, took the train from Jersey City and were stalking him, determined to make him the next victim of the “knockout game.”

The game follows a simple rule: knockout an innocent bystander with just one punch. Teenagers plan a deliberate attack, and strike a random target. No one is exempt, including women, the elderly, or mothers with children. Often times, the assailants film the attack for later enjoyment.

Unfortunately, the game proved deadly in this instance. One of the teens punched Santiago in the back of the neck. He collapsed, and his head wedged itself between two posts in an iron fence. His neck had been broken. 

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