Historically Black Colleges Reach Out To Latino Students

Great news! Latino students are among the most highly sought after college students! Historically Black Colleges are turning to Latino students to add more culture and diversity to their student bodies. 

According to the White House Initiative on Historically Black Colleges, there are 106 of those institutions in 20 states. While black enrollment at many of these colleges used to be as high as 90 percent, those numbers are now as low as 50%, according to NBC Latino. One college in particular, Lincoln University in Missouri, claims that black students now make up only 35 percent of their total enrollment. 

Many of these Historically Black Colleges choose to promote their African-American culture as part of their rich history, and are now focusing on a future filled with students of different ethnicities and backgrounds. 

“A lot of them want more culture and more diversity in their colleges, so they are excited to see more Latinas or Hispanic people here,” said student Adriana Zuniga

This is part of a larger trend involving Latino college enrollment. Latinos now make up the largest minority group on four-year college campuses, with over 2 million Hispanics currently enrolled. 

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