Hispanics As Majority is Soon to Become the New Normal

Thomas Mesenbourg, the Census Bureau’s acting director, said that based on these statistics, young children in minority groups will soon become "majority-minority." Analysis conducted by the Associated Press reveals that this change resulting in a majority-minority nation could happen by 2043.

“These numbers confirm trends we had seen coming for years,” said Associate Director of the Pew Hispanic Center Mark Hugo Lopez. “And the rapid growth in the Hispanic population, coupled with the young Latinos who make up the largest minority group on the nation’s college campuses, has serious implication for the nation’s labor market and economy.”

California currently has the largest Hispanic population in the country with approximately 14.5 million as of July 1, 2012.

"As population growth among U.S. Hispanics continues to soar, the numbers will confirm the importance of Latinos not only to the America’s economic growth, but to the global economy," said Lopez.