Hispanic Women Being Targeted by Fake Undocumented Lottery Winners

Hispanic women/undocumented lottery winners
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Women be warned! 

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Police are asking residents of New York's Suffolk County to be on the lookout for scam artists targeting Hispanic women. Law enforcement is reporting that the suspects are approaching women telling them they won the lottery but can't cash it because they are undocumented. They proceed to offer the victims a deal by telling them that they if cash the ticket then they will get part of the money. 

"They ask the person for assistance to cash the lottery ticket," Police Commissioner Timothy Sini told ABC7 NY. "In doing so, they ask the victim, the target, for some collateral. Essentially, if I'm going to give you this ticket, I need you to give me something before you walk away with the ticket. They typically ask for cash or jewelry."

Since April 2015, there have been nine incidents across the county. The suspects are allegedly Latino and follow their victims home to collect the items and once they have them then they flee the scene. 

"The number one rule is [to] use your common sense," Sini said. 

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If something like this happened to you then report it and definitely be vigilant not to fall for this scam.