Hilda Solis Talks Latino Jobs & Unemployment on Univision

The United States Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis spoke to Univision recently about the state of unemployment among Latinos in the country. In an exclusive interview with the network’s Satcha Pretto, Solis spoke about why the rate of unemployment (10 percent) among U.S. Latinos is higher than the nation’s rate, which is 9.2 percent. 

“I would say that the Latino population is suffering from, in some cases, lack of educational attainment,” she told Pretto.  “They don’t have advanced degrees, very few of them go on to community colleges—and yet, that is an area where I think many should be looking at as a way of getting into a career—not just a dead-end job, but looking at advancing themselves.”

The U.S. Secretary of Labor encouraged those looking for jobs to visit the department’s one-stop enters, which offer free assistance and help with resume writing.  Solis went on to say that fastest growing job segment is in health care.  “In addition, if they have the luxury of speaking Spanish, even better because we’re seeing that the clients that are being served need to have bilingual skills,” she said.

When asked whether she feels that the U.S. economy relies on the Latino workforce, Solis said it increasingly will, as the group’s population in the country grows.  “We will be a workforce, but are we going to be a prepared workforce?  That’s the difference,” she said.  “That’s why we have to have investments in education, in health care, and opportunities for businesses to grow.”

Watch the full interview below: